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Mock Jury

Mock Jury 45min - 6hrs Intro price $450.00 & up Reg. Rate from $800.00 - $3650.00

  • 45 min
  • From 450 US dollars
  • Remote Online

Service Description

Remote Mock Jury A remote mock jury trial simulation will help you predict the outcome of your upcoming trial by having our mock jurors answer voir dire, listen attentively to your presentation (opening, closing, witness examination), take notes, discuss the proposed jury charge, and render a verdict. We provide an impartial body to listen to the facts in your case or other areas of the trial for which you would like honest feedback whether you need input on deciding what direction to take with your opening statement or preparing your client to go on the stand for direct examination in front of strangers in preparation for trial. Mock jurors must be prepared to take confidential notes during trial presentations, remain attentive to the presenter, and refrain from interrupting the presenter with questions. A complimentary recording and an in-session poll are included. Juror feedback surveys are provided at no extra charge for packages 150mins & up. Jury deliberations (up to 15 mins per session is included at no extra charge, 30mins for 270mins & up). Starting at $450 for our Promo first-time bookings Promo Package - 60 mins/6 jurors $450 1st time only (contact us for a discount on larger 1st time only packages). Announcement Plus - 60min/7 Jurors $900.00 (contact us via email) Ready Plus - 90min/7 Jurors $1,150 Opening Plus - 150min/8 Jurors $1,750 Direct Plus - 210min/10 Jurors $2,250 Cross Plus - 270min/11 Jurors $2,750 ReCross Plus - 330min/12 Jurors $3,250 Closing Plus - 360min/13 Jurors $3,650 (*An additional 15 mins of deliberation is included in addition to all package minutes at no extra charge). $125 for region-specific participants $50 per hour for each additional juror $125 per 15 minutes of added time $275 additional for same-day scheduling.(Evenings only) $75 Copy of recording delivered electronically, and detailed performance feedback questionnaires (PFQ) completed by jurors and returned within 48/hours (customized questions can be added. An attorney must submit questions within 12/hrs of the end of the session). $100 Copy of recording & PFQ delivered FedEx on a flash drive. If you go over your booked time, there is an additional overtime fee, so plan accordingly. Need a Quote? Complete this form

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